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Label Printer Setup
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 08 October 2009 06:16 PM

Label Printer Setup

Calibrate printer for labels:
  1. Install ribbon
  2. Install labels
  3. Power printer on
  4. Hold down green button until it flashes four times
  5. Wait for printer to run through calibration
  6. Press green button once to feed label and verify calibration
Setup label printer on Windows and test in Adams:

  1. Install Zebra Universal Driver (from CD or download latest from the Zebra website)
  2. Run the installer
    1. Printer Select - Select Printer (TLP2824 is under ZEBRA EPL)
    2. Printer Port - Select COM1
    3. Label Setup - Customize, User Defined, Inches 2.00 in x 1.00 in
  3. Delete Printer
    1. After the driver has been installed go to Control Panel->Printers and Faxes and delete the "Zebra TLP2824" printer that was created.
    2. If a printer exists that is using COM1 then printing for a web page will not work because the printer locks the port, even if it is offline.
  4. Open the Label Printer Test Page and run a test.
    1. NOTE: This test has proven unreliable under Windows 7. Skip directly to Step 7 and try it in AdamsWeb.
  5. Test the label printer
    1. Download this zip file.
    2. Extract the zip
    3. Open the SPCDemo.html file in Internet Explorer
    4. If prompted allow download and use of the ActiveX control.
    5. Set the Port to COM1
    6. Click Open
    7. Click in the Terminal window to place the cursor there
    8. Type U and hit Enter
    9. If a the printer confignration prints then it works.
  6. Close the test page to free up the com port
  7. Test in AdamsWeb
    1. Navigate to a property item
    2. Click Print Label

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