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Trouble Shooting the DVD Autoloader
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 18 October 2007 04:05 PM

These were the steps taken to trouble shoot a DVD Autoloader:


- Checked the event log. There were a long series of errors (every minute) about a Job ID not being found.


- Checked the service status. The Foray Archive Service was running. I stopped it because it was obviously spitting out errors every minute.


- Checked the C:\Temp\Archive directory. Here I saw that there were multiple job directories (FA-*) as well as .job and .jobid-# files. This means that these jobs are not yet completed. The .jobid-# file is created only after the job has been handed to the Autoloader.


- Opened the Padus Network Console. There were jobs still not completed, the status was "working", but the last job completed was a number of hours before.


- Had the user check the drives and printer for disks. There was a disk in a drive and one in the printer. Had them removed by the user.


- Re-booted the DVD-Autoloader PC


- After the computer had re-booted the Network Console said there was no blank media, but there was.


- Stopped the service via Padus Network Console "File->Stop Shared Network Writer(s)..."


- Started the service via Padus Network Console "File->Share Network Writer(s)..."


- Now there were erros in the Padus Network Console log saying the the printer was out of ink. A thermal ribbon should be good for 2000 disks, and we had done less than 100, so something else had to be the cause.



- In this instance there was an update to the Padus software.


- Stopped the service


- Copied the new files to C:\Program Files\Padus\Disk Juggler


- Run Drive Assigner


- Check each of the drives


- The printer port should be USB002


- Click Update, click OK



- The next step was to test the printer


- Open Disk Juggler


- Select File->New


- Select Print Only


- If you do not see a field labeled "Overlay" open Tools->Options and turn on Autoloader->Simplified options. You may then have to close the Task and open a new Task


- Enter a short message in the Overlay field such as your name


- Click Start


- Make sure the job prints ok, the text in the Overlay field should print on the disk


- Close Disk Juggler



- Open Padus Network Console


- Start the service


- Login


- Select File->Configure Server->Print Options and confirm that the PowerPro III printer is selected


- You may have to click Resume at the bottom of the window


- Things will hopefully be printing now.


- You can use the Jobs, Writers, and Log messages views to monitor things



- Remove the C:\Program Files\Foray\Archive Service\StopService file if one exists


- Start the Foray Archive Service


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