How to tell if a port is open
Posted by Diane Hancock on 20 April 2018 01:04 PM

To determine if a port such as 80 has been opened on a server, do the following on the machine trying to connect to the server.

1. Download the PortQry utility (see to download)

2. Install the PortQry utility.   Note, the example below assumes it will be installed to C:\PortQryV2 but it does not have to be.

3. Open a command line prompt (i.e. Windows > Run > cmd)

4. Type the following command replacing <server-name or ip> with the server name or the ip address. 

Note, if portqry was not installed in the C:\PortQryV2 directory, then change that to the installation location.

c:\PortQryV2\portqry -n <server-name or ip>

The ports should be listed.  For example:

TCP port 80 (http service): LISTENING

The possible results after the colon and their meanings are:

  • Listening = the server is listening on the specified port (i.e. it is open)
  • Filtered = likely indicates a firewall or software issue
  • Not Listening = it didn't receive a response at all


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