Report Blank in Edge
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 15 March 2018 03:57 PM

What Happens

The report window opens, it says Generating Report, but when it goes to show the report the page is blank with what looks like a partially completed blue progress bar new the top.

The URL has "Acquisitions.pdf" in it.


Adams 5.9 or later

Windows 10 (Version 1709 OS build 10.0.16299), Edge

Adams is configured for automatic login (Windows Integrate Authentication)

The URL to Adams Web has either the server name only (no domain) or it has the fully qualified domain name but that FQDN is identified as being in the intranet.


The current best information is that this issue is due to a bug in Edge's PDF display engine.


Any of these workarounds will valid the issue and allow reports to be displayed.

  1. Don't Use Automatic Logon (Windows Integrated Login)

  2. Use automatic login and the fully qualified domain name for the Adams Web server but don't identify the server as being part of the intranet. This will cause users to be prompted to login the first time they visit Adams Web. If they check the option to Remember then their credentials will be saved and they will not have to login again

  3. Don't use Edge, instead use Chrome or IE 11


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