Adams Web Asset Export
Posted by Diane Hancock on 13 March 2018 10:38 AM

How To

Assets can be exported from the assets page in Adams Web.

  1. Select one or more assets (not moved, not archived, not purged, not trashed)
  2. Select the Export button
  3. Fill in the options.  Only the ones applicable to at least one asset appear.  
  4. Select OK

Starting with Adams 5.8, if Bridge is available:

  • assets will be exported using Adams Bridge.  Watch for notifications in the system tray to see the progress. 
  • Once complete, the directory containing the exported assets will open unless an idToken parameter (used by the PorterLee integration) was included on the URL.
  • The export root directory is set in the Central Configure (see Configure Adams).  Windows environment variables are supported (e.g. user's downloads directory = %USERPROFILE%\Downloads).  A subdirectory named with the folder number contains the files.

If Bridge is not available, then the assets are zipped and a download page is displayed.

Export Options

The image conversion and watermark options only appear if one or more images are selected for export.

File Name

Determines how the exported file will be named.  The options are:

  • Asset Name - The meaning of this value is set in Digital Workplace > Tools > Options > Asset > General > Full Name Template. See Asset Name KB for more information.
  • Asset Number
  • Set Name - File Name - This is how Digital Workplace names the files.
  • Unique ID

Image Conversion Options

  • Must choose a conversion format to select Yes on Convert to greyscale or Include a Watermark

Convert to greyscale

  • Must choose a conversion format to select Yes

Include a Watermark

  • This option only shows if the user has the privilege Export Images Without Watermark or the privilege is not secured.  The option allows these users to include an optional watermark.
  • If a watermark is configured in Digital Workplace > Tools > Options > Asset > General > Image Watermark and the user does not have the Export Images Without Watermark privilege, then a watermark will always show on the image and the Include a Watermark option will not show.
  • Must choose a conversion format to select Yes
  • See Image Watermarks KB for more information about watermarks in general


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