Adams Bridge Unknown Publisher
Posted by Diane Hancock on 27 July 2017 10:36 AM

If selecting the Adams Web Assets page Process button causes an "User Account Control" message to appear that says:

Program Name:   AdamsBridge.exe

Publisher:      Unknown

Then, be sure that:

  1. The Adams Admin and Adams Web fully qualified server name urls are in the IE Options Local Intranet site list.  Both the http:// and file:// protocols need to be there.  (e.g. and file://
      1. For a domain see the KB article Set Local Intranet Sites List via Domain Group Policy
  2. DigiCert is a Trusted Root Certification Authority on the machine
  3. AdamsBridge can be installed manually by navigating to and double-clicking on \\<AdamsAdminServerName>\AdamsBridgePublished\<x64 or x86>\AdamsBridge.application.
    1. <AdamsAdminServerName> = fully qualified name of the Adams Admin server
    2. <x64 or x86> = select the correct architecture for the machine
  4. Group policy is not preventing the user from installing a ClickOnce application on the machine

If all that is true and the publisher still shows as Unknown, then try adding the Foray code signing certificate to the Personal Certificate store on the machine.

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