Adams Web Mobile Troubleshooting
Posted by Diane Hancock on 15 March 2017 08:50 AM

Adams Web Mobile Device Troubleshooting

Optimal phone size for Adams Web Mobile is approximately 2.74" x 4.7" display (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 6s, Windows Lumia Phone)


  • Selecting a report does nothing
    • Disable the pop-up blocker which is enabled by default.
      1. Select home button
      2. Select Settings
      3. Select Safari
      4. Disable (slide to left) "Block Pop-ups"
      5. NOTE: The reports page on iOS devices will replace the Adams Web tab with the report, not open a new tab like on Android. The user will have to click the back navigation arrow to return to AW. 

Android Phone

  • Only the Chrome browser is supported.  The Android Browser is not supported.
  • To cause Chrome to remember user names and passwords on the login page, enable the "Save passwords" Chrome setting.
  • Choose "Allow" when prompted to show a pop-up (e.g. when running a report). 
  • Swiping down on a page when the page is already at the top causes a page refresh.  This is standard Android phone behavior and not controlled by Adams Web.

Windows Phone

  • Windows phone no longer supports popups.  Some still do but not all.  Therefore, when the phone does not support popups (e.g. Windows Lumia), reports will not display or download.

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