Field Path List - 5.6+
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 28 February 2017 09:54 AM


This document lists data fields that can be access via Field Paths in Reports and Requests.  This list is not comprehensive.  In addition to custom fields there may be other standard fields available not listed here.  If you need a specific piece of data that you don't see here contact to find out if it is available.

The fields are grouped by Item Type.  For each field the field name and data type are provided.


Field Name Data Type Parameter Version Introduced
AgencyID String   prior to 5.4
Assets List of Assets   prior to 5.4
AssetSets List of Asset Sets   prior to 5.4
AuditTrail List of Audit Trail Entries   prior to 5.4
Crime String   prior to 5.4
DateOfCrime Date   prior to 5.4
FolderNumber String   prior to 5.4
Name String   prior to 5.4
Notes String   prior to 5.4
NotesReview String   prior to 5.4
NumAssets Number   prior to 5.4
NumPropertyItems Number   prior to 5.4
PropertyGroups List of Property Groups   prior to 5.4
RelatedIds List of Folder Related IDs   prior to 5.4
Requests List of Requests   prior to 5.4
RequestsOfType List of Requests Name of the desired request type

prior to 5.4

(starting in 5.4, canceled requests

are no longer included)

AllRequestsOfType List of Requests Name of the desired request type 5.4
Type String   prior to 5.4

Folder Related ID

Field Name Data Type
Type String
RelatedId String

Asset Sets

Field Name Data Type
Assets List of Assets
SetNumberString String


Field Name Data Type Version Introduced
AcquiredByDisplayName String prior to 5.2
AcquisitionDateString String prior to 5.2
AssetNumber Int 5.2
AuditTrail List of Audit Trail Entries prior to 5.2
Category String prior to 5.2
CapturedBy String prior to 5.2
CapturedOn Date prior to 5.2
ContributingAgencyID String prior to 5.2
DateAcquired Date prior to 5.2
Description String prior to 5.2
DigitalSignature String prior to 5.2
ExhibitName String prior to 5.2
ExhibitNameOrFileName String 5.2
FileInfoItems List of Key Value Pairs prior to 5.2
FileName String prior to 5.2
Folder Folder prior to 5.2
FormattedUniqueAssetId String prior to 5.2
ImageForPrinting Image prior to 5.2
Location String prior to 5.2
Name String prior to 5.2
Notes String prior to 5.2
OriginalOrProcessed String prior to 5.2
ShortName String 5.2
Status String prior to 5.2
State String prior to 5.2
StateChanges String prior to 5.2
Tags String prior to 5.2

Image Asset

All fields in the Asset as well as the following fields:

Field Name Data Type
CameraData List of Key Value Pairs
ProcessingChemicals List of Strings
ProcessingDyeStains List of Strings
ProcessingHistory String
ProcessingLighting String
ProcessingPowders List of Strings
ProcessingSurface String


Property Submission

Field Name Data Type
CollectedOn Date
CollectedFrom Location
ContributingAgencyId String
CustomValuesDisplayString String
GroupId String
NumPropertyItems Number
PropertyItems List of Property Items 
RespondedOn Date
Status String 
Type  String 
UniqueId  String 

Property Item

Field Name Data Type
AnalysisType String
AnalysisNotes String
Category String
CustomValuesDisplayString Number
Description String
Folder Folder
FullItemId String
LastUserPhyicallyHandlingItem String
LastReceivedBy String
LastReleasedBy String
Location String
LocationName String
PackageType String
ParentId Number
PropertyGroup Property Group
PropertyOwner Person
Quantity Number
Status String
UniqueId String 

Storage Location

Field Name Data Type
AuditEntries List of Audit Property Item Entries
Kind String
LocationId String
Name String
NumPropertyItems Number
StorageLocationType String
TotalMoneyFormatted String

Audit Property Item Entry

Field Name Data Type
DamagedNotedTime Date
Description String
DisplayName String
EnteredTime Date
LostNotedTime Date
ProcessedLocation Storage Location
PropertyItem Property Item
State String


Field Name Data Type
AssignedOn Date
AssignedTo String 
Folder Folder
Priority String
RequestedBy String 
RequestOn Date 
RequestTypeName String
SequenceId Number
Status String 

Key Value Pair

Field Name Data Type
Key String
Value String

String (in a list)

Field Name Data Type
Value String

Audit Trail Entry

Field Name Data Type
ActionString String
Authentications List of Authentications
DataValuesAsStrings List of Key Value Pairs
Description String
Detail String
IPAddress String
LoggedInUsersDisplayName String
Reason String
SubItem String
When Date


Field Name Data Type
AuthReasonString String
ConfirmationMessage String
Identity Identity
MethodString String


Field Name Data Type
FullDetailString String
Name String


Field Name Data Type
DisplayName String
DistinguishedName String
DomainName String
IdentityTypeFormatted String
Sid String
UserId String


Field Name Data Type
FullName String
Name String

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