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32 and 64 bit Applications
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 13 February 2017 08:33 AM

Some Foray applications are 64 bit, some 32 bit, and some support both.

When both are supported, the OS architecture (i.e. 64 or 32 bit) determines which is installed.

Note, when Photoshop is used with Adams Bridge or Digital Workplace, Photoshop must be the same architecture (i.e. 64 or 32 bit) as Adams Bridge or Digital Workplace.

Acquisition Service x64
Adams Admin x64
Adams Bridge Both
Adams I9N Services x64
Adams Update Service Both
Adams Web x64
Adams Web Integration x64
AFIS Connect x32
Archive Service x64
Configure Adams Both
Device Gateway x64
Digital Acquire Both
Digital Acquire CL x64
Digital Viewer x32
Digital Workplace x32
Health Check x64
License Server x32
Purge Service x64
Relay Service x64
Update Service x32
WAN Acquire Service Both
WAN Connect Service x64
WAN Connect Upload x64
Chromatic FFT Filter Both
Image Calibration Filter Both

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