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"Could not find requestor with userid" error
Posted by Diane Hancock on 26 August 2016 10:13 AM


Prior to Adams Web 5.4, if a user changed their user id (i.e. login name) in Active Directory (AD), then when the user creates a request, they will see the error "Could not find requestor with userid: <old user id>" and cannot create the request.  

In addition, if any requests were assigned to the user prior to the user id change, then trying to assign the request to someone else after the user id change causes the error "The assignment failed.".


In the database, update both the identity_table and the request table with the new user id.   Use the following SQL statements replacing "newUserId" with the current user id and "oldUserId" with the previous user id.  Note, case matters.  For the "oldUserId" match the case as it is in the identity_table.  For the "newUserId" match the case as it is in AD.

update identity_table set user_id = 'newUserId' where user_id = 'oldUserId' and identity_type = 'SystemUser'

update request set assigned_to_user_id = 'newUserId' where assigned_to_user_id = 'oldUserId'

The application pool should not need to be restarted but the user should log out and log back into Adams Web after updating the database tables.

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