Adams Web missing icons
Posted by Diane Hancock on 25 August 2016 02:24 PM


In IE 11, the Adams Web (AW) icons do not show.   Any of the following could be the reason.

Possible Reasons

  • Downloading Fonts are disabled
    • Internet Explorer Options > Security > Local Intranet > Custom level... > Downloads > Font download 
    • Enable should be selected
  • Server is not in the Local Intranet site list
    • Internet Explorer Options > Security > Local Intranet > Sites > Advanced
    • Add the Adams Web server's domain to the list (e.g. http://* or https://*
    • To verify the Adams Web pages are treated as intranet pages, in IE > File > Properties >Zone should be Intranet not Internet
  • Group Policy is blocking "untrusted fonts"
    • Group Policy editor > Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Mitigation Options\Untrusted Font Blocking
    • Should be disabled
  • Certificate errors
  • Antivirus is blocking fontdrvhost.exe


FontAwesome troubleshooting

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