Prepare to Migrate to a New Server
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 14 April 2016 10:38 AM

Before a database and/or repository it is critical that all access to the Adams system be disabled so that no new data or changes can be made during the migration.  The following steps should be performed immediately prior to performing a migration.

  1. Tell all users to stop using the system
  2. Stop AdamsWeb
  3. Block access to the Database
    1. PostgreSQL: Edit the pg_hba.conf to only allow access from the machine running the DB
    2. MS SQL Server: Block access via  the Firewall
  4. Remove the Repository Share
  5. Backup the database
  6. Stop the Database
    1. PostgreSQL: Stop the service and set it to Disabled
      MS SQL Server: Take the DB Offline
    2. Begin migration


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