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Asset Numbers
Posted by Diane Hancock on 06 January 2016 11:27 AM

Asset Numbers

A number called an "Asset Number" was introduced as a new Asset property in Adams 5.2.  

The asset number is unique within a folder (i.e. a case, an incident, ...).  It represents the order in which an asset within a set is acquired.

When upgrading from a previous version of Adams to 5.2, during the database schema upgrade, all asset numbers is set to null.   During the folder repository file upgrade, the asset numbers for the folder will be assigned.

Asset numbers assigned to deleted assets are not reused.

The following sections explain when an asset number is assigned and where they are stored.

Assigning Asset Numbers


Any asset acquired after 5.2 or later is installed is assigned an asset number at the time of acquisition in the order of acquisition.  There will be no gaps in the number for the original assets in a set.  The point of acquisition is intended to be the primary time the asset number is assigned. However, there are other times the asset number may be assigned.  See the subsequent sections for other times an asset number is assigned.

Folder Access

Asset numbers for assets that were acquired before Adams was upgraded to 5.2 are assigned when the folder repository file is upgraded to 5.2. Actions that trigger the folder repository file upgrade are:

  • accessing the folder in Digital Workplace or Adams Web
  • acquiring an asset

The asset number is assigned sequentially by set number, and then date acquired.   The original assets within a set are assigned a number before the processed assets in that set.

WAN Connect / Transfer

If an asset was acquired on a WAN Connect Acquisition workstation, then the asset number is assigned when it is transferred to the main repository and is assigned in set and date acquired order. Assigning the number when it is transferred to the main repository, ensures it is folder unique within the main repository.

Folder Import

If an asset is imported from a repository file with a version number before 5.2, then the asset number is assigned when the asset is imported. The assets are imported in set number and file name order.   

To ensure duplicate asset numbers are not assigned, no one should acquire into the folder while the folder is being imported.  If someone does acquire into the folder while an import is going on, an error will display at the end of the import if there are duplicate asset numbers.

To cause the asset number to be included in all exported asset files, the folder's repository files are automatically upgraded to the latest version before exporting the files.  That way, the asset number assigned in the originating repository will be used in the consuming repository.

Database Rebuild

During a rebuild, as long as all asset repository files for a folder have an asset number, the assets retain the asset number previously assigned. However, during the rebuild, as soon as an asset repository file is found missing an asset number, the remaining assets in the folder are assigned a new asset number.  That is regardless of whether the remaining files have an asset number or not.  The assets are assigned the next available number sequentially in the set number and file name order.

Moving Assets

When an asset is moved to another folder, the next available asset number in the destination folder is assigned to the moved asset.

Processing Assets

When a new asset is created by processing an existing asset, the next available number for that asset folder is assigned to the processed asset. There is no relationship between the original asset's number and the processed asset's number.

Storing and Accessing Asset Numbers


The asset number is stored in the asset table in the asset_number column. 

The last assigned asset number for a folder is stored in the child_unique_number table in the last_number column.  When upgrading to 5.2, the child_unique_number.last_number is set to the number of assets currently in the folder thus reserving a number for all existing assets. 


The Asset Number is stored in the asset XML file and the element name is AssetNumber.

The last assigned asset number for a folder is not stored in the repository.

Asset Object

A new property has been added to the Asset object called AssetNumber.  This can be used in field paths to access the asset's asset number.

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