Rebuild and Import limitations
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 12 November 2015 04:38 PM


Importing of Property and Requests not supported

Due to the nature of property and requests importing Folders with these items doesn't make sense.  They are contextual to the agency that they originate in and can't be moved to another agency.

Property or Requests in a imported Folder are stripped out.

Importing an existing Folder

If a record exists in the database for the folder number and type, then the only import option is to restore missing and archived assets.

Importing a new Folder

Prior to Adams 5.1, in order to import a new folder, the folder prefix from the folder directory path had to exist in the asset_folder_type table.  

Starting with Adams 5.1, the folder will import even if the prefix and type are not in the asset_folder_type table.


Version limitations

There are limitations on what versions a rebuild can be performed from.

Property - The repository must be at least version 4.5 for a rebuild to be performed.  Only Adams 4.7.6 or later will be able to rebuild a repository with Property.

Requests - A repository with requests will be unable to rebuild until version 5.1.  At that time only a 5.1 or later repository will be eligible for rebuild.  

Use this decision tree to determine whether a rebuild can be done or not.

In addition, prior to Adams 5.1, all the folder prefixes from the folder directory paths in the repository have to be added to the asset_folder_type table before rebuilding.

Request Types

After the rebuild, all request types are disabled.  To use a request type, it will need to be enabled or reloaded.


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