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Installer Issues
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 02 April 2015 11:05 AM

Install/Uninstall Issues 

When there are install or uninstall issues, check the logs.  The Adams version determines how to do that.

Adams v5.5.0 and Later

Starting with Adams 5.5.0, verbose logging is enabled by default.

Here is where to find the log files.

Manually Run


Run by Adams Update Service

C:\Windows\Temp directory or to wherever the system temp directory has been set

This is because the Adams Update Service is run under the system user.

The log files are named with the following patterns:

  • MSI log file: <Adams application name>_<date and time>_setup<architecture>.log
  • EXE log file: <Adams application name>_<date and time>.log

Pre-Adams v5.5.0

Prior to Adams 5.5.0, verbose logging had to be enabled manually as follows:

If there are install/uninstall issues one of the first things to try is verbose logging.

Install EXE w/Log

<EXE_FILE_NAME> /v"/l*v \"InstallLog.txt\""

Install MSI w/Log

msiexec /i <MSI_FILE_NAME> /l*v "InstallLog.txt"

Uninstall EXE w/Log

<EXE_FILE_NAME> /v"/x /l*v \"InstallLog.txt\""

Uninstall MSI w/Log

msiexec /x <MSI_FILE_NAME> /l*v "UninstallLog.txt"

Repair Windows Files

If there are corrupt Windows' system files, then installers can fail.  To verify and repair Windows' system files, at an administrative command prompt (i.e. run as administrator), run this command:

sfc /scannow

For information on sfc

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