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Audio doesn't play in Video
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 27 March 2015 07:37 AM


Video plays but Audio doesn't play in Digital Workplace, Digital Viewer, or AdamsWeb.  Audio does play in Windows Media Player on Windows 7.


The video contains audio encoded with a format of (i.e. codec) A52 aka AC-3 aka Dolby Digital.

The codec can be viewed with a 3rd party player such as the VLC Media Player.

Dolby Digital is a licensed proprietary codec.  Microsoft licensed Dolby Digital for Windows Media Player on Windows 7.  It did not license it for DirectX (used by Digital Workplace and Digital Viewer) or for the Windows Media Player Internet Explorer plugin.

Workarounds and Solutions

The preferred solution is to change the configuration on the video recorder to output a different format such as AAC audio.  This will ensure greater portability.

If modifying the recorder is not an option a 3rd party codec (A52/AC-3/Dolby Digital) can be installed.  However, anyone that wishes to play the video will need that codec.

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