How to Rebuild an Adams database from a Repository
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 12 August 2014 08:54 AM

This is a Disaster Recovery procedure.  The following instructions are to assist in recovering from a disaster and are not necessary or intended for the use of Adams under normal conditions.

The Adams Repository is the primary storage for all evidentiary information.  The database holds configuration and some redundant repository data as an index.

*** WARNING - This procedure deletes data from the database.  ***

This system only rebuilds evidence data.  All configuration settings are lost and need to be re-setup after the rebuild is complete.  This includes but is not limited to the follow:

  • User Rights Management Groups
  • User Rights Group->Privilege Associations
  • User Access Control Exceptions
  • P&E Storage Hierarchy
  • P&E Custom Fields
  • P&E Audit Data
  • Unique IDs Starting/Next Value
  • Request Types
  • Report Templates

The Adams system should not be used while this is running.

This process may take a very long time to run depending on how much data is in the repository.  It is recommended that you run this process on the server that is hosting the repository.

The Rebuild Adams Database application is installed along with Digital Workplace.  The machine running Rebuild Adams Database does not need a license to Digital Workplace.

  1. Follow the instructions in the Foray Adams Installation Guide to setup the ForayAdams database.  If a configured database already exists it can be used.  Any data already in the database, with the exception of the Central Config, may be lost.
  2. Make sure that the Foray.Adams.config.xml file on the machine Digital Workplace is installed on is properly configured.  See the Foray Adams Installation Guide for details.
  3. Install Digital Workplace if necessary
  4. Navigate to the Digital Workplace installation directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Foray\Digital Workplace
  5. Run Rebuild ADAMS Database.exe
  6. Click Rebuild Database
  7. Click Yes to confirm that you want to Rebuild
  8. Click OK to confirm that no one is using the Foray Adams system.
  9. The first thing it will do is clear out data in the database to prepare it for loading new data.
  10. Next it will reset permissions on the repository.  On a large repository this process could take a while.
  11. Finally it will process the file in the repository loading appropriate data into the database.  Depending on the size of the database this could take some time.
  12. Message: The database has successfully been rebuilt!  The Adams database may not be ready for use.  Configuration settings, including security settings specific to your agency, may still need to be applied.

Note: Should an error occur while processing the folders the Rebuild application is capable of continuing from where it left off once the error has been resolved.

Skip Permissions

If you know for certain that permissions on every file and folder in the repository are correct (because you have manually reset them) then there is an option to skip setting permissions during the rebuild which will significantly speed it up.  From the command line pass "-skippermissions" or "-sp" to "Rebuild ADAMS Database.exe".

ex: "Rebuild ADAMS Database.exe" - sp



Access to the path <PATH WITHIN THE REPOSITORY> is denied.


Manually reset the repository permissions so that the Repository Owner account owns all file and folder from the Foray Technologies directory on down, the Repository Owner account has Full Control, and the Repository Owner account is the only thing with access.

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