Coban Integration
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 24 July 2014 05:03 PM

The integration with the Coban in-car video system is done via the Foray Adams Acquisition Service.  When configured to integrate with Adams the Coban system sends all videos to a Watch folder as they come in. The Acquisition Service grabs these videos as they are placed in the Watch folder and acquires them into the Adams Repository or Transient Repository.

If the Adams system is configured to use a Transient repository, then all videos that are not flagged to be retained indefinitely are placed in a Transient (temporary) repository.  This repository is separate from the primary repository and may even reside on a different storage device.  Videos placed in the Transient repository will be automatically purged after a configurable amount of time has passed (ex: 30 days).

The following data fields is eligible to be extracted from the files provided by the Coban system and placed into Adams.  Depending on the Coban configuration and the use of that system this data may or may not be present in the files made available to Adams by the Coban system.

  • Camera Number - 1 or 2. 1 for front facing camera, 2 for rear seat camera
  • Record Start - in the format of '2011-04-29T22:55:59'
  • Record Stop - in the format of '2011-04-29T23:14:57'
  • Event Type - classification of video (defined in COBAN DVMS backend)
  • Officer ID
  • Location - a free-form text field for location info or notes. (up to 50 characters)
  • Max GPS Speed - the highest GPS speed recorded in this video
  • Notes - free form text for officer to enter notes to the event, up to 255 characters
  • Partner Badge ID - logged on to the same shift
  • Patrol Unit ID
  • Related Video - contains the file name of the video being recorded by the other camera
  • Retain flag - Video will be kept indefinitely
  • Case Number - Note that if the officer does not enter a value in the car then a case number will be created using the Patrol Unit ID and the Record Start data/time
  • Second Case Number
  • Video Trigger By
  • Video Format - defines the type and bit rate used
  • Suspect's Name (First, Middle, Last), Gender, Address, Race
  • Suspect's Race Known Before Stop - does the officer know about the race of the driver before stopping the car
  • Person Is Driver
  • ID Type
  • Drivers License Number
  • Drivers License State - 2 character state code, where the license is issued
  • Drivers License Expiration Date
  • Vehicle Year, Make, Model, Color, Plate Number, Plate State, VIN, Misc info about the vehicle
  • Violation Summary
  • Date Entered - in the format of '2011-04-30T00:00:00'
  • GPS Data
  • MD5 Hash


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