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Can't Login to AdamsWeb
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 30 January 2013 02:05 PM

Behavior 1

  1. User enters their username and password into AdamsWeb
  2. Page refreshes, username and password are clear, login page is still displayed


 IE won't store cookies when the machine or domain name has an underscore in the name


Rename the server or domain name to not have an underscore as necessary.


We also saw this behavior be resolved by stopping the anti-virus.

Behavior 2

  1. User enters their username and password into AdamsWeb
  2. After a long time the login returns saying the max number of users has been reached
  3. License server and vendor daemon are running fine
  4. A test Check Out/Check In from FlexNetActivation works and appears in the foray.log for the license server
  5. Firewall is off
  6. No antivirus software installed


On Windows 2008 R2 or later one process (AdamsWeb) calling to another process (Foray License Server/lmadmin) on the same machine and using the machine name, as opposed to "localhost", will use IPv6.  If IPv6 is turned off it doesn't revert to IPv4, it simply fails.


  1. Turn on IPv6 or
  2. Change the License Server in the AdamsWeb\Foray.Adams.config to be "localhost" instead of the machine name (fully qualified or not)

Behavior 3

  1. User enters their username and password into AdamsWeb
  2. User gets the max number of users message
  3. License server and vendor daemon are loosing connectivity ("EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 28 Exit reason 5" in foray.log
  4. This disconnect occurs repeatedly at the same interval (ex: 74 min)


VMWare time configuration is causing a drift from real time.


Remove the “Synchronize guest time with host” option from the VM so that time will be synced with the domain controller.

VMWare: Timekeeping best practices for Windows, including NTP (1318)

VMWare: Time runs slower than real time due to lost timer interrupts (1006088)


Behavior 4

  1. Forms authentication works fine
  2. Switched to Windows Integrated authentication
  3. A user can access Adams Web fine from one machine but gets the message "You are not authorized to run this application" on another machine
  4. Adams Web debuglog.txt may report the user as the repository owner instead of the expected user 


The user's profile on the machine may be incorrectly reporting the current user or the machine may not be joined to the domain correctly.


1. Reboot to see if that resolves things

2. If not, then remove the machine from the domain and then re-add it to see if that resolves it

3. If not, then delete the user's profile on that machine

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