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Fix broken property group
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 28 September 2011 06:32 PM

Fix broken property group

Scenario: A property group is in the "Receive Pending" status. Clicking on the property group results in an error. The below procedure assumes that the error is due to the Collected From location having become disconnected from the Property Group.
Assumes: you have the case number, property group unique id, and are logged in as the repository owner on the server.
  1. On the server open pgAdmin
  2. Select the database
  3. Click Tools->Query Tool
  4. Run the following SQL, replacing <CASE NUMBER> with the actual case number.

    select * from property_group where asset_folder_id = (select asset_folder_id from asset_folder where folder_number = '<CASE NUMBER>')

  5. Look at the results. Find the row where the unique_id matches the known value for the broken property group.
  6. Look at the collected_from_id column for this row. If the value is not 0 (zero) then this solution does not match the problem with this property group. In this case stop here.
  7. If the collected_from_id column is 0 then write down the values in the property_group_id and last_modified columns for this row.
  8. Open the property group's XML file in the repository. (<asset folder dir>\<property group unique id>\<property group unique id>.xml)
  9. Note the collected from address that was entered.
  10. Run the following SQL

    select * from location where location_id not in (select collected_from_id from property_group)

  11. You are looking for a row that A) matches the address in the property group's XML file and B) has a data and time in the last_modified file that is close to (but not the same as) the last_modified entry for the property_group.
  12. If you don't find an entry that meets these requirements then this solution can't help. In this case stop here.
  13. Presuming you do find a location row that matches the above requirements write down the location_id.
  14. Run the following SQL, replace the <LOCATION ID> and <PROPERTY GROUP ID> with the appropriate values.

    update property_group set collected_from_id = <LOCATION ID> where property_group_id = <PROPERTY GROUP ID>

  15. Login to AdamsWeb (refresh the page if you were already logged in) and access the Property Group. It should now be accessible.

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