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Test Ability to Read MAC Address
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 16 May 2011 08:06 PM

Test Ability to Read MAC Address

Versions of ADAMS prior to 3.6 can run into an error during acquisition. The error will contain: AddIdentifyingInfoToNodeInXmlEntity. The error occurs because the application is being blocked from reading the IP and MAC address(es) of the local machine.
This vbscript (rename to .vbs) will test this. If it is blocked an error will display, otherwise each MAC and IP address will be shown in turn.
The error seems to be due to disk corruption. Running chkdsk may exhibit bad sectors. They only know fix, other than upgrading, is to re-image the computer.
Recently a customer was able to resolve this issue with the following steps.
stop the WMI service
delete the contents of the C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\Wbem\Repository folder
run the following commands:
winmgmt /clearadap
winmgmt /kill
winmgmt /unregserver
winmgmt /regserver
winmgmt /resyncperf

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