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Trouble Shooting WAN Connect / Acquire
Posted by Mont Rothstein on 11 November 2010 10:35 PM

Trouble Shooting WAN Connect / Acquire


A useful tool for trouble shooting WAN Connect issues is SharpBITS. This gives a GUI to BITS jobs on the client side.
The command line equivalent is bitsadmin.exe, which is included with Adams WAN Connect client applications.

WAN Acquire Troubleshooting

  • If the local WAN Acquire database (i.e. ProgramData\Foray Technologies\ForayAdamsdb) is deleted, then the local AdamsAdmin account also needs to be deleted before restarting the WAN Acquire Service.
  • Use WAN Acquire Status to see how things are progressing.  If "Transfer Jobs" is not shown, then there may be a problem transferring the Config file.
  • Check the Event Log (see Event Viewer) to see if there are any WAN Acquire Service errors or warning and take appropriate action
    • If there is an error about connecting to the database, then the password in the local database and the local repository owner account may have gotten out of synch.  Try deleting the local repository owner account and restarting the service.
    • If nothing has been acquired yet or all acquired files have successfully transferring to the server, you can delete the c:\ProgramData\Foray Technologies directory to reset the local database.  If there are untransferred acquired files, then they will be lost so don't do this if there is untransferred data.
  • Verify settings using Configure WAN Acquire Service.  After making any adjustments to the settings:
    • Stop the WAN Acquire Service
    • Exit the Configure WAN Acquire Service
    • Close the WAN Acquire Status
    • Stop the Background Intelligent Service (i.e. BITS)
    • Clean out the BITS directory
    • Delete the files in the C:\ProgramData\Foray Technologies directory
    • Start the Background Intelligent Service (i.e. BITS) 
    • Run Configure WAN Acquire Service
    • Enter the transfer account password
    • Select the Start button.  If the service starts, it should say "Started" to the left of the button.
    • Run WAN Acquire Status and check the Event Log to determine if the problem was resolved
  • If that does not resolve it, turn on verbose logging for the WAN Acquire Service and restart the service.  Check the debuglog.txt file for information.

WAN Connect Service Troubleshooting

If WAN Connect Service was working and stopped working (i.e. it reports there are unprocessed files that are not getting imported), check the following.

  • Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application for WAN Connect Service errors
  • Event Viewer > Applications and Services Logs > Foray ADAMS for WAN Connect Service errors
  • Errors in the WAN Connect Service's errorlog.txt 
  • Remove any zero length .wctrans files from the Adams Uploads Transferred directory
  • correct the owner on the Archive folder and permissions on the WAN Connect Upload server web.config
  • Stop the service, move all the files out of the transferred directory, move the oldest .wctrans file and folder back into the transferred directory, and start the service.  If nothing happens or there is an error, then this file must have a problem.  Repeat these steps with the next oldest file to see if any others have problems.  

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